Strains we have or have carried in the past:


Big WhiteIn stockFlower, Hybrid
Bio Diesel (Outdoor)Out of stockFlower, Indica
Blue SatelliteIn stockFlower, Sativa
Blue Satellite (Popcorn Bud)In stockFlower, Sativa
Blue TreatIn stockFlower, Hybrid
BlueberryIn stockFlower, Indica
Blueberry Lambsbread (Organic)In stockFlower, Hybrid
Bubba KushOut of stockFlower, Indica
Burmese BlueberryIn stockFlower, Hybrid
Burmese KushIn stockFlower, Hybrid
Charlotte’s Web (Organic)In stockCBD Only – THC Free, Flower, Sativa
Cloud NineOut of stockFlower, Indica
Enigma (Popcorn Buds)In stockFlower, Indica
GG4 – Gorilla Glue #4In stockFlower, Hybrid
Girl Scout CookiesOut of stockFlower, Hybrid
God’s Green CrackIn stockFlower, Hybrid
Grape GodOut of stockFlower, Indica
Grape StomperIn stockFlower, Hybrid
GrapefruitIn stockFlower, Sativa
Green CrackOut of stockFlower, Sativa
Hash PlantOut of stock(0)Flower, Indica
Lemon Pineapple Haze (Organic)Out of stockFlower, Sativa
MK UltraIn stockFlower, Indica
OG KushOut of stockFlower, Hybrid
PagodaIn stockFlower, Hybrid
Pineapple ExpressIn stockFlower, Hybrid
Pink GodIn stockFlower, Hybrid
Pot of GoldIn stockFlower, Indica
Power PlantIn stockFlower, Sativa
Purple Candy (Organic)Out of stockFlower, Indica
Purple Orange KushOut of stockFlower, Indica
Purple TrainwreckIn stockFlower, Hybrid
Purple UrkleIn stockFlower, Indica
RomulanIn stockFlower, Hybrid
Royal KushOut of stockFlower, Indica
Scout MasterIn stockFlower, Hybrid
Scout Master ProOut of stockFlower, Hybrid
ShishkaberryIn stockFlower, Hybrid
Skunk No. 1In stockFlower, Hybrid
Sour KushOut of stock(0)Flower, Hybrid
Sour Kush (Organic)Out of stockFlower, Hybrid
Sour TangerineIn stockFlower, Hybrid
Sour Tangie (Organic)In stockFlower, Sativa
Super Lemon HazeOut of stock(0)Flower, Hybrid
The Black (Organic)Out of stockFlower, Indica
TrainwreckOut of stockFlower, Hybrid
UK CheeseIn stockFlower, Hybrid
Violator Kush (Organic)Out of stockFlower, Indica
Walter WhiteIn stockFlower, Hybrid
White Castle (Organic)In stockFlower, Hybrid
White CookiesIn stockFlower, Hybrid
White WidowOut of stockFlower, Hybrid


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