THE BC Buds Online Guarantee:

I am very particular about what we carry for flower product, BC Buds Online is very careful to ensure that only the best quality flowers are purchased for your satisfaction. No sprays, no Pesticides, all Very Good Quality product, for Certified Organic products see the Organic section, these tend to be the more expensive flowers but not always.

We work with licensed & craft growers. Products are grown naturally for the best quality results. We ensure your safety and the quality of our products, if you are ever unhappy with anything you receive from BC Buds Online, Reach out as we are always here to help alleviate any questions or concerns.

If you prefer to only see flower then see our Strain List to have an exclusive look at our available Strains.

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Shipping costs have increased due to Canada Post raising the prices, choose the correct shipping option for your area or your order will be cancelled and not sent. if you want free shipping, minimum orders must be over $200.00 subtotal. thank you, we write off thousands of dollars in shipping and this is beyond our control. Dismiss

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