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YES! Finally, a salve designed specifically with your undercarriage in mind! Ever wonder how to soothe a chaffed scrotum? Wonder no more. Big Bliss Botanicals Happy Sak delivers some deep relief to your diddy bag. Cannabis Infused Oils, Rose-hip Oil, Calendula, Beeswax and pure essential oils work together to condition your sensitive skin.

The Cannabis plant contains cannabinoids that bind to unique receptors located throughout our bodies. Applying a cannabis-infused salve to the affected area delivers the cannabinoids directly to the receptors in your skin, promoting circulation and cell-rejuvenation. The THC and CBD found in Cannabis are two cannabinoids well known for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties; a big win if you are experiencing discomfort in your nether regions. Give it a try, your boys will thank you!

SUGGESTED USE: Designed for anyone with a scrotum that: wears ­cover-alls all day, or drives a lot, or runs, or rides horses or hikes with no underwear, or plays sports, or basically just has a sensitive sak from being a dude….

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