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Big Bliss Botanicals – Massage Oil


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Big Bliss Botanicals Pleasing Massage Oil is an uncomplicated fusion of three carrier oils with Cannabis Extracts and the Pure Essential Oil of Organic French Lavender. Partaking in a massage with this lightweight massage oil will relax your body, soothe sore muscles, stimulate circulation, and encourage a positive energy flow (not to mention it is a wonderful skin conditioner). Avocado, Jojoba and Coconut Oil fused with Lavender and 420mg of THC will deliver the analgesic and ant inflammatory properties of the cannabis plant in a way that will NOT make you high, but rather leave your body feeling blissful and your mind feeling calm and serene. There is a chance you will be glowing with radiant light afterward, so be prepared to have people ask your secret!

SUGGESTED USE: For anyone that could use some pain relief, and/or stress reduction.


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