HyVape Disposable Vape Pen 275 MG CBD



New & Improved

500 ml = 150 – 200 hauls

275mg of CBD in an MCT Oil Base, Smooth and clean burning. MCT Oil helps to kill bacteria in your lungs and helps to have a healthier vaping experience.




HyVape Disposable Vape Pen 275 MG CBD

New & ImprovedHyVape Disposable Vape Pen 275 MG CBD

500 ml = 150 – 200 hauls

275mg of CBD in an MCT Oil Base, Smooth and clean burning. MCT Oil helps to kill bacteria in your lungs and helps to have a healthier vaping experience.

Cotton-free Ceramic Coil

Allow more surface area contact of the heating element to the liquid, creating more vape and better flavour.

Low voltage/resistance protect
Protects your low voltage vape pen from electrical overstress.

Glass viewing window
Quickly check your fluid levels on the go.

Pre-filled and ready to vape
All pens come pre-filled to the correct amount and are ready to vape out of the box.

No button design
Don’t worry about turning the pen on, just haul on it and enjoy.

Fully Charged
All pens come fully charged right out of the box!


Knowing why it’s completely safe to vape MCT oil eases the mind and allows you to make the best decision for your situation.

Once we understand the inner workings of “new” and seemingly complex things, we become comfortable.

Understanding why it is okay to vape MCT oil involves knowing basic information:

  • What is MCT oil?
  • Debunking “fake news” as you make your decision to vape MCT oil.
  • Top benefits of why you should vape MCT oil.
  • Natural benefits to vape MCT oil safely versus the dangerous chemical solvents?

What is MCT oil?

There are four different types of fat: Saturated, MonoUnsaturated, PolyUnsaturated, and Trans fat. Some fats are good, some not so good, and then we have one type of fat (Trans Fat) that was recently made illegal by the FDA on June 16, 2015. Manufacturing companies have until June 18, 2018 (three years) to comply with the complete ban of trans fats.

The leading cause of death in men and women in the U.S. is heart disease.

Trans fats are artificially created in a lab by adding a hydrogen atom to vegetable oil. This converts liquid vegetable oil into a solid fat and this process is called hydrogenation. When you eat trans fats, you raise the level of “BAD” cholesterol in your blood which increases the risk of heart disease. Trans fats are found in processed foods and with the FDA banning “trans fats,” aka PHO (Partially Hydrogenated Oils), they hope to prevent thousands of heart attacks and deaths.

MonoUnsaturated fat is a “healthy fat” that is found in avocados, nuts, olives and more. Even though monounsaturated fats are considered healthy, they still have equal amounts of calories as other fats. Having similar numbers of calories contributes to the gaining of weight if you were to eat too much.

PolyUnsaturated fat comes in two types, omega-6, and omega-3Hemp oil has what is considered to be the “perfect” ideal balance of omega-6 and omega-3. PolyUnsaturated fat is also found in liquid vegetable oils and plant sources. A few plant sources of polyunsaturated fats are flaxseed, soybean oil, walnuts, and more.

MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) oil is a good Saturated fat and has copious amounts of health benefits. MCT oil is most commonly taken from coconut oil. What makes MCT oil a good saturated fat is that it does not increase coronary heart disease and also has a negative impact on CVD (Cardiovascular Disease).


Debunking “fake news” as you make your decision to vape MCT oil.

How do we know if you vape MCT oil, you will not get lipid pneumonia?

Instead of listening to “popular” news outlets or stoner websites, we go to the source of what the scientific consensus says. If you vape MCT oil, you will NOT get lipid pneumonia because of specific reasons. Research says the cause of lipid pneumonia occurs due to the inhalation of “fats” and the accumulation in the alveoli area of the lungs.

MCT “saturated fat” is the one exception because the physiochemical components of MCT consist of MCFAs (Medium Chain Fatty Acids). When you vape MCT oil, the MCFAs do not accumulate because of their naturally high absorption rate.

Further research tells us MCT oil does not cause lipid pneumonia because:

  • MCTs have a smaller molecular size, therefore are quickly and completely absorbed rapidly like glucose.
  • MCTs do not act like a “fat” and behave more like a carbohydrate.
  • MCTs are more water-soluble because of the small length of carbon chain.
  • And other complex reasons.

Top benefits of why you should vape MCT oil.

Research reviewed literature involving the nutritional use of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides).

A few beneficial applications of MCT include:

  • Hyperalimentation (Artificial supply of nutrients).
  • Deficiencies in the carnitine system (Metabolism).
  • Epilepsy.
  • Obesity.
  • Fat malabsorption.
  • Gallbladder disease.
  • Antimicrobial effect (bacteria, yeast, enveloped virus and fungi).
  • Anti-aging.
  • Anticonvulsive.
  • Hyperlipidemias.
  • Cardiac health improvement.
  • Immunity Booster.
  • And other various therapeutic benefits.

MCTs are also a fantastic source of energy that gets distributed throughout the entire body. This is due to the fast oxidizing properties of MCT. Energy from MCT can be used after a major surgery, to treat retarded growth in newborns or children, and is also a high energy supply required by athletes.

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